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[06 Feb 2016|11:52pm]

AGE: Nny
AIM: contemporary emrys


FULL NAME: Evienne Anais Benoit
DATE OF BIRTH: May 1, 1991
AGE: 25
SEXUALITY: heterosexual
SPECIES: werecougar
JOURNAL NAME: mlle_evienne

TURN ONS:being dominated, being romanced, dirty talk, serving, rough sex, tender sex, kissing/licking/biting/scratching, somnophilia, spanking, toys, fingering, masturbation, frottage, bondage, orgasm denial, begging, sensory play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, semi-public sex, threesomes, double penetration, forced arousal/orgasm, aphrodisiacs, cuddling.
TURN OFFS bodily fluids (bloodplay is fine), gore, mutilation, watersports

STRENGTH: heightened senses, enhanced strength, accelerated healing
WEAKNESS: wolfsbane, silver
SKILLS: sewing, cooking, archery

PB: Kiera Knightley
IN DEPTH Evie is of average height, standing at 5'7". She is slim and petite, her limbs long and willowy. She has dark brown eyes that look as if she's always holding they key to some secret. Her skin is lightly tan, a natural sun kissed look. Her long hair falls in loose waves around her shoulders, though it is usually pulled back when she is working. Her clothing is generally more of a bohemian style, with flowing skirts and long scarves.


-is a good cook

-can sew

-is a skilled archer

-speaks fluent french

-knows how to dance

IN DEPTH: Evie is a very calm and relaxed person. Nothing ever seems to anger or upset her, probably the byproduct of having seven rambunctious older brothers. She's also a soft spoken person, but not shy. She will gladly strike up a friendly conversation with a random stranger. She's a compassionate woman who is willing to help someone out whether it be a place to stay or simply a meal or an ear to listen. She can have a meaner side, but it takes a lot for it to come out of her.

FATHER: Jean-Baptiste
MOTHER: Fantine
SIBLING(S): 7 brothers: Henri, Michel, Fancois, Jaques, Guillaume, Jeremie, and Sebastien
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Russell Wallace (former lover)
EXTENDED FAMILY: Too many to list

HISTORY: Evienne Anais was an unexpected surprise for the Benoit family. Already blessed with seven boys, the youngest being ten, Fantine had quite a shock when she discovered she was carrying number eight. They were happy though and when a tiny little girl was born they were overjoyed. Even their sons were happy though they played nonchalance.

Growing up in New Orleans was a happy time for the family. They had a nice little house in the country with room to play and a place to shift away from prying eyes. Evie's brothers taught her things such as archery and sports, things you would teach another boy. Thankfully her mother was there to show her how to grow into a beautiful and kind woman. She taught her daughter how to cook and sew. When her brothers were away at school she help her mother prepare care packages for the boys.

Being part of a prominent pack in the South, suitors would come from all over hoping for a chance to mate with the Alpha's daughter. Evienne hated every moment of it, people wanting to use her as nothing more than a social climbing plan for idiot weres. Thankfully her brothers kept her away from them as much as they could. Finally once she was eighteen she convinced her parents to allow her to travel. She was an adult after all. It was when she was traveling she met Russell Wallace.

The Alpha werewolf was a bit older than her, but still Evienne found herself falling in love with the man. He was kind hearted and humorous and the young woman was drawn to him like a moth to the flame. She was even beginning to settle down, wanting to start some kind of life with the wolf. Unfortunately her father, set in the old ways found out about her love interest and ordered her back home. It broke her heart but even though she didn't want to leave, she couldn't defy the man who was both her father and her Alpha. Not wanting Russell to know the real reason and trying to challenge the other man, she left while he slept only a note as a goodbye.

Upon returning home, Evienne was heartbroken, miserable, and angry. She refused to even be in the same room as her father unless absolutely necessary. When they were together, she was silent and wouldn't look him in the eye. Her brothers did their best to comfort her, but it was minimal help. After a while the ache lessened, but was always still there deep in her heart.

Almost two years had passed when the Benoit family found one of their clan in trouble. A male were had come to town, demanding the Alphas daughter as his mate. The man was egotistical and cruel, and Evie turned him away harshly not wanting a thing to do with him. This enraged the man, one who was not used to hearing no as an answer. He stormed off and the family thought this would be the end of it. Until a few days later, the authorities came, stating they had proof that Evienne had been aiding rebel humans and would face punishment. She was to be auctioned off as a slave and would be one for a period of three years. Unknown to her, Her eldest brother not wanting her to be bought by this sadistic creature came up with a plan of his own. Locating the area of his sisters former love, He bribed the people holding her to send to her Cedar Ridge. He then called the werewolf and let him know the situation, Hoping that he would help.

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